Repair washroom

Later buying a new toilet you, naturally, it is necessary to repairs the lavatory and restroom. It is possible to apply the service of professionals or, if you feel the strength to renovation itself using the following steps: – dismantling the old floor tiles on the walls and floor and dismantling aqueduct armature and dismantling wood door frames (replacing wood doors) – dismantling the back wall with wood door in the closet (require for free access to standpipes) – dismantling pipes of hot and cold water, removal of sewage pipes, replacement of fixed cranes on risers and dismantling, setting jumper on the riser wiper with hot h2o, shtrobleniya walls at laying new pipes to deliver water and sewer-setup self-cleaning beautiful water filters, mounting knobs (gearboxes) pressure-plant collectors-wired to the points sewer pipes, wiring pipes for hot spots and cold h2o-distributing pipes to wiper-wiring, setup of the back wall in the washroom of the drywall on a metal frame with a hatch for inspection, assembly bath trap, with earth (correctly, It is possible to establish a bath after installation) – setup of bath screens of foam concrete blocks or brick-wall primer coordination (plastering, screed) wall and floor- tiling and grouting, plant of suspended ceiling rack with spotlights in the bathroom and restroom, fan assembly, installation and connection of the mixer on the bath with walk-in rack-mounting and connection towel, bathroom construction and connection, mounting and connection of the ablution machine, setting and connection cylinder-installation bath curtain (of plastic material, glass) – Mirror-canopy awning accessories (hooks, shelves, holders) Good luck!

Refurbishing flats

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