Where to beginning overhaul?

Repair of rooms with their own hands: do we beginning? If you do not know where to start repair apartment beginning from the “beginning”. In our case – do a list of indispensable construction materials, tools and action. You can so re-create the big picture and create a phased outline for the upcoming arrangement of their cottages. Accounting for the required list of building substances, which were later anyway should to rehabilitation your apartment, it’s best to break them down for individual room – a room, hallway, bathroom, etc., may thus make the purchase of progress materials for the whole of the apartment – but it all depends on how the repair will be carried out finish works of work – step by step, but at the same time in all areas or alternately – first one, then another placement of your house. Potential, and separately calculate the cost of maintenance of ceiling, wall rehabilitation, overhaul floor on an area that needs to be put in ordering, and determine the value of windows and doors. These calculations will greatly facilitate the task of upgrading your rooms. If it’s some facial skin lift placement, then in this category any redevelopment apartment and global styling decisions are not included. It is “just some whitewashing, painting, pasting, or roof, painting or pasting of walls, windows, wood doors, and sanding and varnishing of parquet covering or reloading of linoleum, wall covering floor wash tiles. How part of redecoration apartment It is possible to replace the baseboards, wood window sills and trim. It should be noted that even the “redecorating rooms” is a very time-consuming procedure and deserves attention and respect. Especially if these repairs are performed placement with his hands. For whatever repairs you keep not taken – you will not be able to do all the “bare hand.” Hiring a development crew, you can not think approximately it, So, taking the repairs yourself, you want purchase a sufficiently big number of “tools”. And the “banal” tape measures and levels, screwdrivers and pliers list does not stop there. You somehow enjoy to learn the different cottage painting devices, rotary hammers, drills, saws, and many others, and are not appliances. Before you start renovation in the room, you should prepare the room in which it will be conducted. Make or run and cover furniture. Desirable to protect all surfaces that are not planned, “touch”, or they may be seriously affected. Need to seal all the outlets and switches especial masking tape. Remember, when working with electricity need comply with all safety regulations. Earlier refinishing quite lots of time consuming removal of old coatings. So a rule, they are removed from the top down, that is, from the ceiling to the wood floor. Coatings removal technology can be very different depending on the materials that were used in previous maintenance the room, cottage or office. But all the above nuances, unluckily, are alone particulars. If you enjoy the desire to make renovation that will finish for years to come, we need, first of all, to pass information training. It is no accident, breaking a fairly new item, we enjoy to admit they were improperly, time to not read the instructions for its apply. Measure twice and cut once – Russian proverb. Exceptional literature can be a goodness source of advice, especially if the “patronage” of the first novice repairs in the rooms will take a more experienced friend, along familiar with self-repair rooms firsthand.

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